Joy Gleghorn Nature Preserve at Wells Hill Park - Photo Credit: Tom Wood
Lincoln County

Joy Gleghorn Nature Preserve at Wells Hill Park

PROJECT PARTNERS Charles Gleghorn, Lincoln County

Through a generous land donation and a partnership with Lincoln County, TennGreen assisted in permanently protecting 114-acre Wells Hill and creating Lincoln County’s first local park and nature preserve.

In October 2017, TennGreen Land Conservancy completed the formal transfer of 114-acre Wells Hill to Lincoln County, establishing the Joy Gleghorn Nature Preserve at Wells Hill Park.

Wells Hill, named for its first settler Peyton Wells, who came to the community in 1825, has a rich history. The first gravity water flow system in the United States was designed and built on this property to serve the city of Fayetteville.

In 2012, the City of Fayetteville sold the 114-acre park to conservation buyer, Charles Gleghorn. The sale was the result of a lack of funding available from the city to maintain and preserve the trails. In 2016, Mr. Gleghorn donated the land to TennGreen in memory of his late wife, Joy.

Following this generous donation, TennGreen and Lincoln County partnered to reestablish the property as a public park. The conservancy holds a conservation easement on the property to ensure its perpetual protection, while Lincoln County manages the area as its first county park and nature preserve.


“TennGreen Land Conservancy is delighted to have partnered with the Gleghorn family and Lincoln County to ensure this beautiful property is both permanently protected and accessible to the public for hiking and nature observation. With its trails, waterfalls, and streams, this park and nature preserve is a tremendous asset to be enjoyed by everyone.”

Steve Law, Executive Director of TennGreen Land Conservancy